Belle is a beautiful 6-year-old tortie who came to Village Vet with vomiting back in February 2016. Luckily her quick-thinking vet and dedicated owners promptly decided to send Belle to London Vet Specialists. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer, in her stomach. The specialist vet was able to advise on the… Read more »

If your dog goes lame in one of his hind legs, he may have torn or ruptured his cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL. What is the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL)? The cranial cruciate ligament is one of the several ligaments in the stifle (knee) that connect the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone).… Read more »

Many people don’t realise that pets, like people, can get cancer too. There are varying degrees and progressions of cancer, so it is important to know some of the signs to watch out for. Some of these signs may be indicative of cancer or they may signify other health problems. Regardless, they should always prompt… Read more »

A number of our clinics are reporting an increase in the cases of Kennel Cough they are seeing. This could be linked to the mild, damp spring we have recently been experiencing. Kennel cough is a highly contagious and very unpleasant disease causing a nasty and debilitating cough that can lead on to complications. Contrary… Read more »

In the spring and summer, it is not unusual to encounter a baby bird on the ground. The immediate response of a kind-hearted human is to take the little orphan home and then try to figure out what to do with it. If the baby appears to be in good condition and too young (a… Read more »

Summertime can be hugely enjoyable for you and your pet, as long as you take the right precautions to protect them from the heat. The main reason the hot weather is an issue for them is because they are not able to cool off as easily as humans. Dogs don’t sweat like humans do. They… Read more »