Pet Health Club

A health plan designed to give your pet the very best in preventative healthpet-health-club

The Pet Health Club is a plan designed by Village Vet to give your pet the very best in preventative health. You will have access to our expert team of veterinary health care professionals throughout the year.
Being a member of the Pet Health Club provides exceptional value in caring for your pet. The exclusive additional offers, at highly discounted prices, help keep your pet in perfect condition and are only available to Pet Health Club members. Because healthy pets are better behaved and greater fun to have around, we’re sure you will be an even happier owner.Brendan Robinson BVSc MRCVS
Founder of Village Vet

Pet Health Club



What’s Included* Pet Health Club Pet Health Club PLUS
One FREE veterinary consultation
anytime during normal surgery hours
Annual vaccine and health examination
Quarterly worm treatments
Two FREE nurse consultations
including assessment of nutrition, behaviour, coat, dental examination and body score
Two FREE pamper packages
including clip nails, express anal glands, clean ears and brush teeth
Monthly flea treatment
10% off selected food bought in the practice
Automatic subscription for reward points and discount offers
Routine treatments posted to your home
when it arrives in the post it’s time to dose
*Terms and conditions apply