Kennel Cough!


A number of our clinics are reporting an increase in the cases of Kennel Cough they are seeing. This could be linked to the mild, damp spring we have recently been experiencing.

Kennel cough is a highly contagious and very unpleasant disease causing a nasty and debilitating cough that can lead on to complications.

Contrary to what the name suggests this is not just a disease we see when dogs have been into kennels. In fact, dogs are at risk wherever they can meet or come close to other dogs. For example walking in the park, passing dogs on the street or visiting friends with dogs.

Luckily a vaccination is available which can help reduce the effects of this nasty disease and we are advising all our clients to call us to see if this is advisable for your dog.

So please call your local Village Vet clinic and make an appointment to help get your dog protected and put a stop to this outbreak.