Month: February 2017

If you’re living in an apartment and are thinking about getting or adopting a dog, here are some important tips to consider. Credit: Petwave

What is Rabbit Haemorrhage Disease (RHD)? Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) is caused by a virus called Rabbit Calicivirus which has a direct impact on the internal organs causing these to haemorrhage. The condition is usually fatal. Transmission of RHD occurs by direct contact with an infected animal. Rabbits acquire RHD through contact with urine, faeces and secretions… Read more »

Dr Chris Maguire VetMB MA CertSAM MACVSc (feline) MRCVS Chris is an Advanced Practitioner in Feline Medicine based at our Highbury Village Vet practice. In this interview, he discusses what inspires him, pain management in cats and various matters that are important to every cat parent. Tell us about your background and what lead you to… Read more »