tigger bamford

This is a very cozy looking Tigger. He has been through quite a lot with us over the last few months after being adopted recently by one of our clients. He is 14 years young, extremely handsome and just loving retirement. When we first met Tigger he was underweight, had an infected tumour on his belly and had a really sore mouth. Despite his age, his new owner was keen to give him a chance to keep him as comfortable as possible for his remaining days. We subsequently diagnosed Tigger with hyperthyroidism, a common condition in older cats which can cause a variety of symptoms including weight loss, despite a ravenous appetite! We began treatment for this condition and Tigger responded well. Once he was stabilised, we performed an operation to remove the tumour from his skin and removed his rotten teeth. Tigger has now fully recovered from his ordeal. He has gained half a kilo in the last 3 months and the best news is that his tumour came back benign so shouldn’t come back.

tigger 2
Any surgical procedures can be very daunting for an owner, especially for senior patients. However, age is never a reason not to give our pets the very best quality of life, Tigger is a perfect example of this! With some careful planning, surgery can be very safe and drastically improve the quality (and sometimes quantity!) of life for our furry friends.

Tigger has been exceptionally brave throughout his treatment and an absolute pleasure to care for.