Nicky Daly

Nicky Daly

Nicky is one of our Registered Veterinary Nurse and is also a Nursing Clinical Coach.

Nicky was raised in the Apple orchards and Bluebell woods of Kent. She misspent her youth climbing trees, riding her battered bicycle and herding the cows in for Milking at the farm across the road, from her Grandparents house.

After choosing a career and qualifying in Veterinary nursing, she utilised the opportunity to see other areas of England and has settled for now, in Cambridgeshire.

Nicky’s grandmother has always owned varied pets, cats, dogs, hamsters, goats, ponies and geese, which she gained some experience with as a child. Being exposed to a beef and dairy cattle farm and battery chicken farm, very close to my home, increased her interest in caring for animals and helping to improve their welfare.

She qualified in 1992, at Berkshire college of Agriculture, with a Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. Then after several years in general practice, decided to diversify into Dentistry and Clinical Coaching.

She now holds a BVNA certificate in Veterinary Nurse Dentistry, which she decided to study, to help confront her fear of human dentists!

In 2013 she became the Clinical coach for Veterinary Nurse students at Milton. An ambition she has harboured for a few years, as she enjoys “giving back” what she has learnt in the past 22 years, as a Nurse.

I am the only person in my family with an animal related profession, both my mother and elder sister, were both great Mathemeticians and my brother an engineer, so that makes me the “Goofy one” in the family!

She has owned varied of pets over the years. She thinks she took after my grandmother, from dogs, cats, goldfish, hamsters and Ferrets. She also had a Harris Hawk on loan for 2 years due to an interest in falconry.

Due to her busy lifestyle, she now has only 1 pet, Hank the cat. He is now 13 years old and my beloved pal. He was given to NIcky by a friend, who lived in Whitstable, Kent and emigrated to Australia, she wanted him to have a country home. He was 1 year old then and they have both seen many of lifes “ups and downs”. He has always been a very fit and active outdoor hunter and there was never a mouse or shrew safe in Hank’s territory. Now we can grow old and grumpy together!

Nicky has interests in mountaineering and hiking in the Lake district and other areas of the UK. She has definitely been bitten by the “peak bagger” bug!

Her most recent passion, is Medieval re-enactment, including Cooking, Costume making and Heavy Combat with a Sword and Spear. So watch out if you see Nicky wielding a sword!

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