Isla McDonald

Isla recently Joined Village Vets as part of the Vet 24 emergency out of hours team, as a Veterinary Night Nurse.

Isla is not a local girl. Isla is originally from Northwood in Middlesex, but her career has led her northwards, where she is now residing in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

From a young age Isla has always been interested in caring for animals, since her first goldfish won at the fair! Isla has acquired a number of pets over the years, usually by means of rescue, from a hamster, Gerbil and Guinea pig, to her current pet family of Snarf the 3 legged tabby cat. Then there’s Fudge, the 3 legged Miniature English Bull Terrier, Mutley the Boisterous but friendly Staffie and her recently acquired Tabby cat, aptly named Tabitha.

Isla recently completed her certificate in emergency and critical care, which has helped her in her role as an emergency night nurse.
People always ask Isla why does she like working nights? Isla has the ability to sleep well during the day and enjoy the responsibility and the independence of being a night nurse. I still like being part of a team as she certainly is at village vet.

When Isla is not looking after animals at work or at home, she enjoys photography (mainly of her pets, but other subjects too!) as well music gigs and festivals. She also has the odd theatre trip now and again and in an attempt to get fit she have re-discovered cycling.