Dr Jonathan Fish

Head Vet

I graduated in 2008 from Onderstepoort, South Africa. I then spent two years working in mixed practice dealing with all animals including exotics, African wildlife and domestic livestock and pets. For six months in 2011, I worked for at The Society for Animals in Distress, a welfare organisation focusing on education for pet owners and treatment of pets and horses. I then moved to South Africa as a locum vet until I moved to the United Kingdom at the end of 2012. I started in North London for a year then travelled around England as a locum for a year before working in at a practice in Kent for two years. I have now moved to Cambridge and have been with Village vet since March 2017 and have been at the Royston branch since August 2017.

I grew up with dogs and cats currently have a yellow Labrador and a white cat who was abandoned and roaming the streets for six months before being picked up by the RSPCA.

I enjoy general practice including medicine and surgery cases.

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