Slug Epidemic Risk To Your Dog


Lungworm is spread by slugs and snails, which are thriving in the wet weather.  Slug numbers have increased up to threefold this year to around 15 billion in the UK – that is 2000 for every dog in the country!  Lungworm cases in dogs are up 38% this year, caused by the slug and snail parasite Angiostongylus vasorum whose larvae are picked up by your dog eating infected slugs and snails or playing with toys or lick grass coated in slime contaminated with the parasite. Many slugs and snails actually very small and could easily been eaten by accident without the owner ever knowing dog has ingested them.

Lungworm symptoms are very varied, but it can coughing and affect blood clotting, leading to bleeding in various parts of the body.  Other symptoms include general sickness, tiredness, weight loss and depression.

Please ensure that your dog is protected against Lungworm by using a special spot-on flea treatment, Advocate, available at your Village Vet practice.  Please call or visit your practice for advice, or save money by buying your dog’s Advocate through our Village Vet Online Portal and Pharmacy.

Click here to watch a video about dogs and fleas.