Diagnostic Imaging

Village Vet’s sister clinic London Vet Specialists provides diagnostic imaging. We use CT scanners to produce a series of X-rays, which are digitally combined to produce clear internal cross-sectional images of a patient’s internal workings. Our diagnostic imaging specialist Dr Livia Benigni also performs ultrasound and radiographic examinations through London Vet Specialists. Our team of qualified radiographers are trained to produce the highest quality images. Having our own in-house specialist at London Vet Specialists means we can fast-track the process of interpreting images so that our patients spend less time under sedation or anaesthetic and enjoy a safer more seamless experience.

Anaesthesia is supervised by a residency-trained anaesthetist supported by specialist critical care. Should anything unexpected happen, your client will be in the best facility central London has to offer, and it means we can take on even the most critical patients.

Imaging can also be done for out-patients. We provide swift reporting to assist referring vets to diagnose and manage cases through London Vet Specialists. We are trusted advisers to our patients’ primary clinicians and we are available both in advance of consultation as well as post-referral.